CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

How does CoolSculpt work?

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq uses cold energy to permanently destroy fat cells. The CoolSculpting machine works by pulling your fat bulge into a device that has two cooling plates. The fat is held by a strong vacuum. The cooling plates are activated to the specific temperature where fat cells are vulnerable and die, and your skin, nerves, blood vessels, etc are fine. This process takes an hour per area. Multiple areas can be done at one time in some cases.

Is CoolSculpting permanent?

Yes, you typically do not grow new fat cells as an adult, and the fat cells are destroyed. Let’s say you shrink 20% by destroying 20% of the fat cells. It is still possible to gain weight and grow that area again. But then by getting back to your previous weight, you would still have the benefit. Again, this is not a miracle, the coolsculpt procedure destroys bulges of fat, and is not a solution to weight gain.

Is there any downtime with CoolSculpting?

No. This is a no downtime procedure in the vast majority of people. In the side effects discussion, we talked about the fact that infrequently there can be pain requiring pain pills, or bruising, but that is uncommon. Typically, no one will be able to tell you had a procedure done but only notice gradual reduction of fat in the area treated.

Why choose Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is unique in that it permanently destroys fat cells. Other procedures do work, but don’t do the same thing. Laser and radiofrequency cause the fat cells to become leaky, or tighten the connective tissue holding the fat cells in place. There is no permanent reduction of fat or fat cells with other devices. There is a procedure where injections of medication are used to destroy fat cells. This is referred to as “mesotherapy” or “lipodissolve”. These do work, but much less effectively than a single coolsculpt procedure.

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